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We speak to a LOT of chiropractors about Facebook ads and they almost always tell us the same things...

"I'll just get my receptionist to do it..."

"I've TRIED facebook ads and it DIDN'T WORK for MY business" 

"It's too expensive to hire an agency to use facebook, what do they actually do anyway?"

What you are likely doing WRONG

Have you said this yourself (or thought about it)? Many Chiropractors are convinced that it just doesn’t work. There are MANY reasons why a Facebook Ads campaign didn’t work, and it’s probably due to one (or more) of these reasons: 

The wrong ad copy  

If you're the DIY type but want occasional help getting started, our phone support service is for you.

The wrong pictures 

Whether for an hour or a day, we'll sit down with you and your team to build a complete strategy for success.

The wrong offer 

What deal are you offering? There are many "Hooks" to be used to get leads, we need to test to find out what works the best on your unique audience! 

The wrong targeting 

Like a chiropractor, we have to be SPECIFIC to get the BEST results! We help you find your ideal patient! 

Wrong landing page

We make beautiful landing pages that CONVERT that drive maximum leads to your door, with tested strategies. 

Ad fatigue

Maybe your plan worked initialy, but then slowly became less profitable... what now? Our strategies adapt to ad fatigue!


Before spending your ad dollars we TEST all of these variables until we have a winning combination!

In this case study I will show you how one simple Facebook funnel can add $243,646 to your Chiropractic Practice. 

Cost to Acquire A New Patient & Lifetime Value Of A New Patient:  

A mistake I often see is Chiropractors comparing their cost to acquire a new patient with how much money they are making on the first visit. But what about all the money they are making from the customer throughout the “lifetime” of their patient visits? One must make an accurate comparison here to correctly assess ROI:  

How much does it cost (on average) to acquire a new patient, through advertising?  

How much do I make off of each patient (on average) throughout the course of his/her treatments?  

If on average I spend $100 to acquire a customer who is worth $ that a good investment? ABSOLUTELY!

The One Simple Facebook Funnel to Add $243,646 to Your Practice: 

Let’s take a real client of ours, on average, a new patient is worth $835.55 over his/her lifetime

This is a conservative estimate for some chiropractors. Some make more, some less. Note: this is an average of all patients, including ones that stick around for 10 years, and ones that just show up once.  

We use many different offers to run Facebook ads, but for this case study, we will use the numbers that we get with a specific offer from one of our Dutch clients: A FREE intake with $50 Report of Findings, Healthcheck, and First Adjustment.


Here are the exact numbers we have generated with this offer on Facebook:  

Avg Cost to acquire a new patient lead: $12.44  

Percentage of leads that become patients: 45%  

Average Lifetime Value of Patient: $835.55

Ok so we spend $12.44, on average, to acquire a new patient with an average lifetime value of $835.55. That means for every dollar spent on Facebook Ads, you're getting $67 back. That's a 6,716% ROI (Return On Investment)!

Now let’s say that you want to grow your practice using this marketing strategy, and want to know what to spend to hit your revenue goals:

If you spent $10/day on Facebook Ads:  

Total Monthly Ad Cost: $310  

Monthly Revenue Generated: $310 x $67 = $20,770  

Annual Revenue Generated: $249,240

If you spent $20/day on Facebook Ads:  

Total Monthly Ad Cost: $620  

Monthly Revenue Generated:620 x $67 = $41,540  

Annual Revenue Generated: $498,480

Chiro Facebook Funnel: How it Works

Want to use this funnel? Here are the steps associated with a successful Chiropractic Facebook Funnel:  

The Offer

This must be a compelling offer. 10% off doesn’t even get people to blink anymore. We have found that offerinf something for FREE (even if it's a very rudimentary healthcheck) is compelling for those who are in pain and want a solution.  

The Facebook Ad

If you use the wrong images and ad copy (the words you use), potential patients will just breeze right along on their Facebook news feeds. You have to combat this subconscious “ad blindness” with proven text and images.

The Targeting

It doesn’t matter if you have the best chiropractic offer. You have to put it in front of the right people. Facebook has hundreds of demographics and behaviors to target, and it’s crucial to pick correctly.  

The Landing Page

​I’ve seen many chiropractors get tons of visitors to their website pages, but ZERO opt-ins for their offer. The page has to be structured and built in a way that will entice people to claim the offer. 

The Follow Up

Disciplined follow up is crucial to extract as much value out of your marketing dollar as you can. A good follow up plan that includes sms, email, phone, and “sweeten-the-pot” incentives improve your ROI drastically.

Avoid Ad Fatigue

After running an ad for a while you get less of a response from the audience. We change ad copy, photos, and sometimes offers when necessary to avoid this and keep your cost per lead dramatically LOWER

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